Children Parliament Kalai Mela – 26/3/2017

Children Parliament Kalai Mela – 26/3/2017

Nesakkaram-SEEDS aims at providing opportunities to Street and Slum children for humane growth. In the last 27 years Nesakkaram has reached out to thousands of street and slum children by forming them into Children Parliament Groups. Children Parliament Mela, organized every year in memory of Fr. Jesu, is an attempt to provide our Street and Slum Children with opportunities to show case their Talents and to participate in the group activities. This year 345 Children Parliament Ministers and Members participated. One parent leader from each Parliament Group participated in this Mela. The participants got popcorn and Bombay Mitai at their arrival, then breakfast and then snacks were served to them. In the afternoon they were served with vegetable biriyani and ice cream. At the end of the meeting every participant got a bag full of gifts of 19 items. It was a day of sports, dances, dramas and a pack of total entertainment. During this Children Parliament Mela half an hour was fully dedicated for the JPIC values and three banners on Saving Water, Planting of Trees and Littering were also put out. This day was made more joyful by the presence of our Minister Provincial, Rev. Fr. Praveen Henry D’Souza and Vicar Provincial, Rev. Fr. Charles Bernard.

St. Francis of Assisi


Robin Lakra
4 / October / 1974

Jugal Kishore Lakra
7 / October / 1976

Joy Sebastian
15 / October / 1972

Prasad Rao K.
15 / October / 1990

Manius Dehanga
19 / October / 1992

Arokiasamy p.
21 / October / 1970

Eliyas Reddy
21 / October / 1995

Gerald Lobo
26 / October / 1951

Jose Palimattom
27 / October / 1967

Benjamin Jojo
27 / October / 1975

Anil Xalxo
27 / October / 1979

Thumma Ranjith Kumar Reddy
27 / October/ 1988

Teiborlang Wartde
28 / October / 1987

Austin Francis
30 / October / 1972

Manish Ekka
31 / October/ 1993