Origin and Charism of the Order
The Order of Friars Minor founded by St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) is a fraternity. In this fraternity the friars follow Jesus Christ more closely under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; through profession they dedicate themselves totally to God whom they love above all, living the Gospel in the Church according to the form observed and proposed by St. Francis. Friars, as followers of St. Francis, are bound to lead a radically evangelical life, namely: to live in a spirit of prayer and devotion and in fraternal fellowship; they are to offer a witness of penance and minority; and, in charity towards all mankind, they are to announce the Gospel throughout the whole world and to preach reconciliation, peace and justice by their deeds; and to show respect for creation.

OFM in India
The Dutch Franciscans started the first house in Bangalore, India in1948. Our Province was restructured in 2008 and created two more entities in India, with a Region in North India and a Foundation in North East India.

We, as the Franciscan Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, are a part of a worldwide Brotherhood with International and Intercultural dimensions. We are called to give greater quality to our vocation through a joyful and vibrant witness to the Gospel among all peoples, in fraternity and minority.

Types of Apostolate
Our Apostolate consists mainly of Parish ministry, School, Social Institutions like Boys Homes, ITI, Preaching ministries, Ashram ministry etc. Entities
The Province of St. Thomas, the Apostle in India, consists of the States of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. The dependent Custody (Region) of Mary, the Mother of God consists of the states of Goa, Maharashtra, M.P, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Orissa. The dependent Foundation of St. Francis of Assisi in North East India consists of Assam and the other States of the North East. At the moment, we have our apostolate and mission work in Assam

St. Francis of Assisi


Balaswamy Gundiga
1 / August / 1978

T.S Leo Max
2 / August / 1995

Julius Arul Rayan
3 / August / 1974

Praveen Roshan Toppo
4 / August / 1982

Ravi Bara
4 / August / 1995

Benedict Gomes
6 / August / 1997

Augustine Tirkey
6 / August / 1989

Jesu Maharaja
14 / August / 1975

Pasala Showri Raju
14 / August / 1987

Arok Sundar Sebastian
15 August 1951

Vijay Amirtharaj A.
21 / August / 1979

Bhaskar Reddy
22 / August / 1973

Stephen Arun S.
23 / August / 1994

Arun Devasia Nattalil
25 / August / 1991

Akshay Showry Raj
25 / August / 1994

Joseph Kishan
27 / August / 1995

Fidelis D' Lima
28 / August / 1939

Arockia Raj R.
30 / August / 1959