Day 4 – FCAO Meeting – Updates By Br. Praveen Henry D’Souza, the Minister Provincial

This day was a very memorable day. The Conferences kept this day aside for a day of Outing. The Minister Provincial of Indonesia had reserved the Safari for this day. It's about 3 kms from Puncak, the place where we stay. This is run by a wonderful and devout Christian family by name JENSEN Family. We were touched by the humility of Mr. Jensen. He even comes to India for technical advice regarding the animals and zoo.

The whole day was spent in this lovely place. This place is not like other zoo or forest. It's a mix of both. The animals are conserved in s natural forest land stretching around 150 acres with specials provisions for different species of animals. Many of the animals are set free including of tigers and lions. There is the great Bengal tiger kept with a surrounding that looks like India. When asked about it, they said, “Even animals need to feel at home”. This kind of thinking is pure. There are a few animals and birds that are conserved which are in the list of extinction. A number of workers and volunteers are involved and they are so respectful in their dealing.

We were treated with some special shows. During the lunch hour, we watched the elephant show. The whole stage was set for a drama on the conflict of nature. Elephants too were main actors in this. Then we had the dolphin show which was a treat for the eyes to watch. Then we had the cowboy-show that reminds us of the Hollywood movies.

Two things touched me most:
1. The species that are almost extinct were kept in enclosure for the fear they may die fast. This taught me a lesson. See what we do with animals. When we fear that they get extinct we preserve them. Similar is the situation of friars in some entities. They are getting extinct. Some are closing themselves to slowly die while some others are opening for greater collaboration.

2. While going round, the guide showed us Giraffes kept in two separate places. She explained the reason that the Giraffes look the same but are of different blood. If they stay together they would fight. And she gave the example of a few other animals. Then as we moved forward she showed us a place where there are mixed animals in the same place. This is beautiful. The animals that belong to the same genes cannot live together for the fear of fight while those of mixed genus can still live. An interesting reality!

We concluded the day by planting a sapling of a fruit. Br. Greg our Definitor general planted the sapling and few of the provincials and conference presidents watered it.

St. Francis of Assisi


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