FCAO Meeting begins in Jakarta, Indonesia

We began the day very early on 10th July 2017. Our rising was very early at 4 am to be precise. We went to the friary at 4.30 am. We left the friary by 5 am to reach our destination Cada Monte Rosa, a resort in a beautiful hill station called Puncak about 2 hours drive from Jakarta. The Weather is very nice. The formators meeting too was held here which was attended by Brs. Shaji, Benjamin and Prashant. Amal M could not attend.

We began the day here with breakfast and then gathered at 9 am for the session. This is FCAO meeting in which both the conferences of Asia (SAAOC & EAC) attend. This is a meeting of 13 countries. That's great. There are provinces, custodies bother independent and dependent and foundations. It is indeed very interesting to note the onward movement of growth in these entities.

The Minister General had sent a message through the Definitor General Greg. He talked about being a little crazy for God. He called the ministers to keep dreaming...

The three secretaries of Formations and Studies, Mission and Evangelization & JPIC presented their reports. Our brother Johnson is the Secretary for Mission and Evangelization. We also had a group discussions on the reports presented. We discussed from different perspectives: Fraternity, Gospel life and Communication, Formation, Mission and Evangelization and JPIC. The group discussions were to be summarised as either resolutions or recommendations. One of the important points in the discussion was the authenticity of our life seen both by the formees as well as the people.

The day ended with the Eucharist celebrated by the Bishop Elect and Provincial of Indonesia Br. Adriano. He gave a very short homily in which he reflected on the dream of Jacob in Genesis. He wished that we all sleep well and have a great dream without forgetting to get up and work on the dream. This is the summary of the actual day today.

A light supper followed by a very fraternal recreation concluded the first day of this meeting.

We thank God for the safe journey we had to this part of the world. The moment I saw the flight number MH 711, music memories went to the missing aeroplane whose number began with MH. But God made us to have a safe landing.

St. Francis of Assisi

FRAIRS B'DAYS (November)

Charles Mathew Kolanchery
1 / November / 1947

Deepak Kumar
1 / November / 1994

Joseph Raj M.
2 / November / 1975

Charles Bernard
4 / November / 1963

Lawrence Simon
5 / November / 1949

Bala Marneni
5 / November / 1962

Singaraya A.
6 / November / 1970

Salvador D' Souza
6 / November / 1979

Clinton J.
6 / November / 1992

Hemant Xess
7 / November / 1975

Saji P. Mathew
9 / November / 1975

Augustine Pinto
10 / November / 1936

Fulgence Ekka
11 / November / 1964

Basil S. Lobo.
11 / November / 1971

Salvador Drego
14 / November / 1984

Kalyan Kumar
14 / November / 1994

Vinoth Kumar T.
17 / November / 1993

Thomas Joseph
19 / November / 1962

Irudayaraj Fernando
20 / November / 1966

Silash Panna
21 / November / 1990

Rajesh Praveen Kumar
24 / November / 1994

Gregory Fernandes
25 / November / 1930

Carlos Dias
25 / November / 1956

Tojy M.
25 / November / 1970

Belthazar Pinto
26 / November / 1960

Johnson M. V.
27 / November / 1970

Prasad Papabathuni
30 / November / 1970