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On August 31, 2020, the Commission on the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition (CFIT) announced the  » Read More

News & Events Ordination to Diaconate
It was, indeed, a great joy for all of us that three of our brothers, Br. Agustine Tirkey, Br. Anand Suresh Minz, and Br. Emmanuel Christopher, were committing themselves to the Order of Diaconate.  » Read More

News & Events Five Things you should know about St. Bonaventure
The Franciscan Order has a number of Great Saints! Some of them are – ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI HIMSELF, ST. CLARE, ST. ANTHONY and so on. And in the same line we have ST. BONAVENTURE.  » Read More

News & Events Guided by the Hand of God
Everyone is from God and is expected to return to God; however, the destiny depends on God’s unique calling and one’s personal choices here and now on earth.  » Read More

News & Events LAUDATO SI WEEK 2020
Our Blessed Father Francis, in his beautiful canticle, reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us. This ‘Laudato Si week 2020’ commemorates the fifth Anniversary of Pope’s Encyclical ‘Praise be to You’.  » Read More

News & Events CARP Does an Oyster !
How do you approach a Pandemic and the consequent lockdown that seems to be one of the ways (a ‘pause button,’ as Mr. Rahul Gandhi would put it) to manage this situation? The present situation of course has brought along with it a plethora of problems as well as opportunities.  » Read More

News & Events COVID-19 Relief Work in Nesakkaram SEEDS
Nesakkaram SEEDS is a Franciscan NGO, working for the welfare of the underprivileged families at the periphery of Chennai, especially in the slums, for the last 32 years. In the beginning we were within our own homes safely doing our routine tasks.  » Read More

News & Events Covid-19 Relief Work in Paasam-Flame
The Friars in Dindigul under the banner of PAASAM-FLAME with the help of our Parish Priest at Kurusady, Dindigul, helped the needy (daily labourers, blind people and marginalised) and distributed Rice bags for around 102 families on 10-04-2020.  » Read More

News & Events COVID-19 Relief Work in Prakruthi Mithra – Chundale, Pakkalipallam
Friars of the local community able to adequately respond to alleviate 41 families staying in and around Pakallipallam Chundale from the immediate and impending deprivation of medicines and essential provisions.  » Read More

News & Events Covid-19 Relief Work in Shalom Friary, Hyderabad
The community of Shalom Friary helps the stranded Migrant workers, the daily wage earners, local poor found on the road police personnel on duty in the area of our community, and the poor families in our parish area by giving food to people daily and distributing Rice and Dhal to some needy families  » Read More







 Name of the Friars 




 Charles Mathew Kolanchery 




 Joseph Raj M. 



 03   Bl. Helene Enselmini, OSC 


 St. Charles Borromeo, OFS 

 Bl. Teresa Manganiello, OFS 

 Charles Bernard 






 Lawrence Simon 

 Bala Marneni 

 + Thomas Thannikary 

 + Bernard D’ Silva 










 Bl. Marguerite deLorraine, OSC 

 Singarayar A. 

 Salvador D’Souza 







 St. Didacus of Alcala, OFM 

 Bl. Raynier of Arezzo, OFM 

 Hemant Xess 





 08   Bl. John Duns Scouts OFM 


 Bl. Gabriel Ferreti, OFM 

 Saji P. Mathew 





 Bl. Louis Guanella, OFS 

 Augustine Pinto 

 + Wilbert Smit 







 Bl. Mary Crucifixa, OFS 

 Fulgence Ekka 

 Basil S. Lobo 






 12   Bl. Giovanni della Pace, OFS 
 13   St. Didace d’ Alcala, OFM 


 Franciscan Martyrs of Palestine 

 + Mark O’Rourke 

 Salvador Drego 







 Bl. Sebastian de Jesus OFM 

 Bl. Mary of the Passion FMM 

 + Anthony Almeida 







 St. Elizabeth of Hungary 

 Patroness of the OFS 

 Bl. Jeanne de Signa, OFS 




 Bl. Salome of Cracow, OFS 



 St. Agnes of Assisi, OSC 

 Bl. Maria Milagros, OSC 

 Thomas Joseph 

 +Kamal Ekka 








 Franciscan Martyrs of Spain 

 Irudayaraj Fernando 

 + Bonaventure Davis 

 + Bishop Ambrose Y 

 +Jesu Irudayam  











 Franciscan Martyrs of Armenia 

 +Joachim Tinneny 




 Bl. Marie de Jesus, Third Order Regular 

 + John C. O’Dowda 

 Maria Ratheesh Jenive  







 Bl. Timothy Trajonowski, Conv 

 Rajesh Praveen Kumar 





 All Deceased of the Seraphic Order St. Humilis of Bisgnano, OFM 

 Bl. Elizabeth of Reute, Third Order Regular 

 Carlos Dias 

 Tojy M. 








 St. Leonard of Port Maurice, OFM 

 Balthazar Pinto 






 St. Francis Anthony Fasani, Conv 

 Johnson M. V. 





 28   St. Jams of La Marca, OFM   Feast   1476 


 All Saints of the Seraphic Order Dependent Custody 

 Foundation,North East. 

 Amaladass Manickam 







 Bl. Antoine Bonfandini, OFM 

 Prasad Papabathuni