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Silver Jubilee of Rev. Fr. Charles Bernard ofm

Nesakkaram celebrated with its staff, children and Madhavaram Friars the Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee of Rev. Fr. Charles Bernard at Nesavanam Street Children Rehabilitation Center. This celebration had more meaning with the coming of Fr. Charles two brothers with their families and his MC sister. Many of the past children of Nesakkaram who were brought up by Fr. Charles Bernard also came to attend this Silver Jubilee Function.

The function started with coffee and snacks at 10.30 am. The Con-Celebrated Holy Eucharist began at 11.00 am. The felicitation was set in motion around 11.15 am.

The Children Training Hall was beautifully decorated with palm leaves, balloons and colour papers by Nesavanam Children and Friars. The hall brought a festive mood to the inmates and invitees. The decoration of the hall took time but it was worth doing it for the person who loves the children so much.

During the felicitation the Children danced, The Staff performed their salsa, The Friars thanked God for giving Fr. Charles Bernard OFM to our Order and to the Church as a simple and dedicated priest. The Friars also thanked his family members and relatives for their continued support to Fr. Charles Bernard OFM.

The Silver Jubilee Function came to an end with a fellowship Lunch together with the family members, children past and present, and the friars.

We, the Nesakkaram Family, thank God for this wonderful PRIEST of God.

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