Meeting of the Newly elected Provincials in Rome

Meeting of the Newly elected Provincials in Rome

We had a simple introductory session on the first day (video and photos we can see in the website).
The second day we had the introductory talk by the Minister General. He highlighted the role of the ministers in the animation of the province and order. It was truly an inspiring talk followed by clarification. Thus began our 10 days long Orientation.

We have now 36 new Ministers, coming from all the continents. I am looking forward for a great experience. These days we also have an occasion to meet the Minister General and all the other office bearers, both as a group and also individually. It is also a good occasion to meet the other provincials and share with them our Life and mission in India.

Everyday the website is updated with photos. The daily prayer and mass puts us in the right track. It is very cold here and thank God the heaters help us to keep warm but above all the open mindedness of the Curia and the Spirit of the Lord helps us a lot.

St. Francis of Assisi


Robin Lakra
4 / October / 1974

Jugal Kishore Lakra
7 / October / 1976

Joy Sebastian
15 / October / 1972

Prasad Rao K.
15 / October / 1990

Manius Dehanga
19 / October / 1992

Arokiasamy p.
21 / October / 1970

Eliyas Reddy
21 / October / 1995

Gerald Lobo
26 / October / 1951

Jose Palimattom
27 / October / 1967

Benjamin Jojo
27 / October / 1975

Anil Xalxo
27 / October / 1979

Thumma Ranjith Kumar Reddy
27 / October/ 1988

Teiborlang Wartde
28 / October / 1987

Austin Francis
30 / October / 1972

Manish Ekka
31 / October/ 1993