Grateful Felicitation for Fr. Elias ofm as he completes his term at CCBI Youth Commission

Grateful Felicitation for Fr. Elias ofm as he completes his term at CCBI Youth Commission

Br. Elias ofm, after having served the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of India for a period of 5 years as the Executive Secretary of National Youth Commission was given an official farewell on 29 Oct 2016 at the Cathedral Church of Trivandrum Latin Arch Diocese in front of thousands of youth on the concluding day of 4 National Youth Animators Conference held at Trivandrum 27-29 Oct 2016, and later at CCBI Secretariat by the members and staff of the Secretariat on 18 January 2017. Friars Francis Xavier, Lourdu Augustine, Vincent Soosai were present for the farewell.

Send Off at Trivandrum

Br. Elias began the Commission from its nasal stage in 2012 to the level of streamlining its projects till 2019 with a vision 2020 in mind. The highlights of achievements are affiliation of most of the recognized Youth Movements under the ambit of CCBI Youth Commission, Launch of Indian Latin Catholic Youth Movement (ILCYM) connecting 8000 parishes in India, National Youth Database, National Youth Sunday, National Youth Animators Conference, and Regional Animation Programs. The projects further initiated and in pipeline are Train the Trainer Program, Youth Ministry Guideline Document and a Training Centre for CCBI Youth Commission.

We congratulate and thank Br. Elias for his commendable service towards the CCBI youth commission.

The President of CCBI, Cardinal Oswald Gracious, has highly appreciated Fr. Elias for the wonderful work accomplished for the Commission for Youth in India. The message of Cardinal Oswald Gracious is here below:

Dear Fr. Elias,
Thank you for your kind letter of January 24, 2017. I want to thank you for all you have done for the CCBI Youth Commission during your term as Executive Secretary. You have spelt out Vision 2020. I am grateful to you for this. I am aware of the several other initiatives you have taken. I am sure the hard work you have put in will bear abundant fruit.
With kind regards and best wishes,
Yours sincerely in Christ,

X Oswald Cardinal Gracias
Archbishop of Bombay &
President, CCBI

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With The Youth

St. Francis of Assisi

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