Bon Voyage Br. Bienvenido Baisas, The Delegate General

Bon Voyage Br. Bienvenido Baisas, The Delegate General

The entire Province of St. Thomas the Apostle together with the Custody of Mary the Mother of God and the Foundation of St. Francis of Assisi extend its heartfelt gratitude to Br. Benny for all the services that he rendered to our brotherhood as Delegate General. Br. Johnny together with the Parish team and the Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Friary Church felicitated Br. Benny thanking him for all his contributions. During the Farewell Lunch at St. Anthony’s Friary, Br. Benny was handed over a souvenir in remembrance of India. He was supposed to leave India in the early hours of 17 October but due to certain technical issues related to transit visa he could not travel on that day. He left a day later on 18 October morning. We wish him all God’s blessings as he returns to Nazareth, the Holy Land to resume his responsibilities over there. Thank you Br. Benny!

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