Br. Balraj Madanu is No More

Br. Balraj Madanu is No More

With great sadness, we inform you that Fr. Bal Raj OFM has passed away today - Sunday 05. March 2017, after celebrating Sunday Mass in the church and getting ready for a choir practice.

He suffered a massive heart attack and all the efforts to reanimate him were in vain.

Fr. Alexander Puchberger OFM, the Guardian of the Friary in Salzburg narrated the shocking news.

When Br. Balraj failed to show up for the choir practice, he was contacted over the phone. On the phone, he complained that he was not at all feeling well. Especially he complained about heavy pain in his left hand. While he was on the phone, they heard him collapse. They rushed to his room and found that it was closed from inside. After the ambulance had broken in, they found him collapsed on the floor. Reanimation efforts did not succeed.

His mortal remains, dressed in the Franciscan habit, rest in his room now for tonight. Prayers are being offered in the friary church for the soul of our dear departed brother. The Mortal Remains will be taken in to the care of the funeral undertaker on 6th March 2017, until aerial shipment formalities to India are settled.

Our heartfelt condolences

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