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The Holy Land Franciscans have been serving in the Holy Land for almost 800 years. That’s incredible! It is the responsibility of the Holy Land Franciscans to preserve Christian presence and to serve in the Holy Land. By travelling with Friars, you are ensuring that your pilgrimage will benefit the Christians who are living in the Holy Land. For us Friars, the Holy Land is a special place. Our presence there dates back as old as the days of St. Francis who himself made it to be there. Friars ever since have committed themselves to caring for the shrines, serving the pilgrims and ministering to the local Christian community. When pilgrims travel with us we are ready to welcome them to our home. We know the places to be: the hotels you want to be in, the holy sites you want to visit and all with Franciscan access to the shrines, many of which are under the sole responsibility of the Holy Land Franciscans.

The Guides :

Br Peter Saleth Nathan, Assistant Parish Priest, St. Therese Chruch, Sultanpet, Kerala
Fr. Praveen Henry D’ Souza OFM, Minister Provincial, The Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, India, The Licensed Guide to the Holy Land, Licentiate in Sacred Scripture (Holy Land and Rome).
Fr. Francis Xavier OFM, Assistant Director NBCLC, Licentiate in Sacred Scripture, Guide to the Holy Land from the Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, India.
Fr. Tony D’ Souza OFM, Parish Priest, St. Anne’s Church, Goa.
Fr. Leos Ekka OFM, Director, Shantivanam Ashram, Raipur
Fr. Wilson Paul OFM, Chaplain, St. John’s National Institute of Medical Sciences, Bengaluru
Fr. Alwyn Maxim D’ Souza OFM, St. Anthony’s Friary, Bengaluru.
Fr. Vijay Amirtharaj OFM, Ahmsen, Germany

Contact :

Fr. Francis Xavier OFM
St. Anthony’s Friary
85, Hosur Road, Bengaluru







Gabriel Mathias
01 April

Rajasekhar Reddy Gopu
07 April

John Chrysostom
08 April

Agnel D’Mello
13 April

Mathew Kootumkal
14 April

Cajetan S. Lourenco
14 April

Richard D ;Silva
16 April

Shanborlang Wartde
16 April

Peter Saleth Nathan J.
17 April

Ushar Kachhua
17 April

Anthony Roobandass
23 April

Johnny Anthony
24 April

Thaddeus Bazla
26 April

Arun Prakash
29 April