World Environment Dayin Chundel

After the long unbearable, dry summer days the youth of St. Jude' s Parish in Chundel is determined to go green. In collaboration with the forest department they distributed saplings of herbal, fruits, flower and timber plants to each family in the Parish. Close monitoring of how these saplings are planted and taken care will be done by the youth and prizes will be distributed accordingly. If the enthusiasm of the people is anything to go by, the youth has the backing of the entire Parish and it is going to be green all the way.

At Prakruthi Mithra tuition children celebrated the day by planting `sarvasuganthi` and guavas. Binu a lXth standard student says proudly: The pomogranates sappling which I planted four years ago is already bearing fruits. We encourage children to plant sapplings of thier choice in our garden.

Going green and growing gold: The Parishioners of Chippilithode observed the day by planting pepper, thippili and other spice sapplings at Prakruthi Mithra. Mr. Varghese and Johnny not only nurtured more than 100 sapplings for Prakruthi Mithra, planted them after clearing the plot. They promised to come time and again and assist the friars on how to take care of them. That of course gives a prospct of spicy days in Prakruthi Mithra.

St. Francis of Assisi


Robin Lakra
4 / October / 1974

Jugal Kishore Lakra
7 / October / 1976

Joy Sebastian
15 / October / 1972

Prasad Rao K.
15 / October / 1990

Manius Dehanga
19 / October / 1992

Arokiasamy p.
21 / October / 1970

Eliyas Reddy
21 / October / 1995

Gerald Lobo
26 / October / 1951

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27 / October / 1967

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27 / October / 1975

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27 / October / 1979

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27 / October/ 1988

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28 / October / 1987

Austin Francis
30 / October / 1972

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31 / October/ 1993